A Good Standard of Living

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business
and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life
may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two More Pairs of Shoes and Keychain

I've just added two more pairs of shoes and a Paris kitty cat mug to my Zazzle store.

These shoe designs are so fun, and even if I don't sell any, making them is a blast. Zazzle is the only place I know that give you the opportunity to design shoes. These are high quality, casual sneakers by the maker of Keds. I wore Keds as a child, but they never had styles like these , but they are a timeless classic.

I love this Kitty cat mug, too. What girly girl wouldn't love to sip her morning coffee from this? I'm ordering one for myself.

Sorry I don't have time for a longer post. I am leaving for the day, but will come back and add more later.

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